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  • Création site internet Nouveau site EEtimes

    Nouveau site EEtimes

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  • Création site internet France Nature Environnement

    France Nature Environnement

    Adaptive home page based on news and events in the development of content blocks, a home page of the type of a news site with lots of content (news, events, press releases and others), the establishment of call-to-action for donations and participatory side and an operating depth of the search engine to highlight a theme.

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  • Création site internet Ecocir


    The circular economy is a generic term designating an economic concept which is part of sustainable development and particularly inspired notions of green economy, economy of use or functionality of the economy , economic performance and industrial ecology (which means that the waste from one industry or recycled raw material from another industry or the same).

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  • Création site internet Coverseal


    Coverseal is a company that offers a flexible pool cover remains perfectly taut.

    To achieve this, they have combined an innovative material and several patents. Through their research, they ensure simultaneously the displacement of the cover and its locking.

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  • Création site internet Proximus.com


    The new Proximus.co website is online. Discover the group , societal contribution , press, investors & jobs

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  • Création site internet Moustique


    The new site of Moustqiue is online. Fully responsive to make it accessible to tablets and smartphones, it is built with Drupal

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  • Création site internet Euma (European Microwave Association)

    Euma (European Microwave Association)

    The new responsive website of the "European Microwave Association" is online.

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  • Création site internet Bike experience

    Bike experience

    Each spring, returned Bike Experience! Objective: To encourage Brussels to Cycling in training them in urban traffic.

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  • Création site internet Je soigne ma maison

    Je soigne ma maison

    With jesoignemamaison.com, hiring the best professionals throughout France, for your construction, renovation, decoration habitat among the 15,000 building professionals present in our network

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  • Création site internet 1307.be


    The new Belgian Belgacom information portal is online. Discover the new 1307.be website’s features: geolocation, nearby locations, voice message system…

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  • Création site internet Dhnet.be


    Sportsnews in the heart of the new dhnet.be website. Such a technical achievement at the service of news that move

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  • Création site internet lalibre.be


    The new lalibre.be website is the result of a tight collaboration between IPM and ArtWhere teams.

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  • Création site internet Ciné Télé Revue

    Ciné Télé Revue

    The website of the number 1 press magazine of Belgium was reviewed by the ArtWhere team. Access to information is enabled and new features are suggested.

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  • Création site internet Braine-l'Alleud: The website

    Braine-l'Alleud: The website

    In 2010, the Walloon Agency of Telcommunications (“AWT”) graded the Braine-l’Alleud website among the top 5 in its report about towns’ websites.

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  • Création site internet EDN Europe

    EDN Europe

    EDN Europe is part of the Business Press group, holder of EETimes website and also designed by ArtWhere. The team worked on graphics and on a completely responsive version of their website.

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  • Création site internet Waterloo Cultural Center

    Waterloo Cultural Center

    The new Waterloo Cultural Center’s website is: a new colorful and dynamic logo, a new graphic standard, a simple and efficient shows display.

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  • Création site internet France Nature and Environment

    France Nature and Environment

    Airier graphics with a strong identity, reviewed and simplified ergonomics, enabled information access. new donations plug-in...

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  • Création site internet Laurence Bibot

    Laurence Bibot

    Laurence Bibot’s new website has gained popularity. A site in all simplicity for a comedian with off-the-wall humor.

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  • Création site internet Justine Henin Club

    Justine Henin Club

    Justine Henin put ArtWhere in charge of her website design in order to put her club and her passion in the spotlight. You will discover a design with the player’s favorite colors, news of the club and a photo and video gallery.

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  • Création site internet Province of Brabant-Wallon: The website

    Province of Brabant-Wallon: The website

    The famous Smart Business Strategies magazine printed out a survey in 2010 about provincial Internet websites. The site of the province of Brabant-Wallon appeared among the best. A website “Made in ArtWhere”.

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  • Création site internet Freends


    You have time and you want to do something with your friends? Prevents up to send dozens of text messages or emails to see if your friends are free. Freends is the application you need! See which of your friends is free in real time and what he wants to do as business, offers an activity and invite your friends and watch the list of activities in which you are invited ... and join your pals!

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  • Création site internet Consoguide Poissons

    Consoguide Poissons

    As part of an awareness campaign about organic fish and livestock, WWF asked Artwhere to achieve "Consoguide" application for smartphones. This is to show intuitively structured and the different types of fish available in various stores in Belgium, and to view certain criteria linked to respect for the environment, the origins of fish, fishing techniques used to storage products ...

  • Création site internet PeepOut app

    PeepOut app

    PeepOut : discover the true freedom of communication.
    Want to know who is around you, whether you have friends nearby , or to find a person you just cross ?
    PeepOut , the new instant messaging allows you to communicate freely and securely with people around you , either privately or by leaving an anonymous message .

  • Création site internet Serial trieur

    Serial trieur

    More peaceful, more informative, more environmentally friendly than a serial killer, here SerialTrieur! A game, made available by Fost Plus and Intradel, allowing you to have fun, but also to master all the subtleties of the sort, whether PMC, glass, paper and cardboard, organic waste or residual waste. You choose the right destination for each waste. Several levels of play are waiting for you. A final sorting game! Good fun!

  • Création site internet 1307.be Mobile

    1307.be Mobile

    Une application basée sur le site mobile m.1307.be avec des fonctions spécifiques : ajouter aux contacts et créer une liste de favoris.


  • Création site internet m.shopinbrussels.be


    m.shopinbrussels.be vous fait découvrir tous les commerces de la capitale belge. Adresses, heures d’ouverture, itinéraires... Tout y est.

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  • Création site internet Bizbook


    Le livre d’or par excellence des commerces de Belgique. N’hésitez pas à laisser vos commentaires.

  • Création site internet La Vache Sur Le Toit

    La Vache Sur Le Toit

    Le restaurant était déjà au top de la cuisine française et des grillades... Il l'est devenu pour les nouvelles technologies grâce à ArtWhere.

    Avec l’application iPhone gratuite de la Vache sur le Toit, le mobinaute est toujours averti des lunchs, des actus et des bons plans du restaurant.

  • Création site internet Agenda culturel OLLN

    Agenda culturel OLLN

    Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve est la première commune en Belgique francophone à proposer son agenda culturel sur mobile. L'équipe d'ArtWhere s'est occupée de sa réalisation.

  • Création site internet Carte des vins

    Carte des vins

    ArtWhere s'est joint à Proximedia pour le développement d'une application tablette réservée aux clients qui souhaitent présenter de manière dynamique leurs vins.

  • Création site internet Elli Lilly

    Elli Lilly

    ArtWhere a développé, en partenariat avec l’agence de communication Something Health, une application originale pour présenter un des produits phares de la célèbre société pharmaceutique Elli Lilly.

  • Création site internet Upperdeck


    Upperdeck offers on its online sales site of the textile products of superior quality, accompanied by the best service, with full respect for social commitments, environmental and commercial

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  • Création site internet Lara Fabian Shop

    Lara Fabian Shop

    Un des premiers sites E-commerces mis en ligne par ArtWhere.

    >Bijoux, Posters, Tee-shirts ou CD's... Les fans et les amateurs de Lara Fabian peuvent, de chez eux, faire leur shopping à l'effigie de leur idole.

  • Création site internet BtoBgreen


    BtoBgreen fournit des fournitures de bureaux écologiques pour les entreprises investies dans le développement durable. Vendre du « green » fait partie de la démarche citoyenne de BtoBgreen qui se dit aussi « prendre en compte les réalités économiques des entreprises ».

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  • Création site internet Make A Wish

    Make A Wish

    Chaque année, l’association Make a Wish réalise le rêve de centaines d’enfants malades. ArtWhere a voulu aussi participer aux rêves de l’association en proposant un site Web plein d’étoiles. 

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  • Création site internet Semaine de la Mobilité

    Semaine de la Mobilité

    Chaque année à la rentrée, la Wallonie organise des actions de sensibilisation pour repenser la mobilité des Belges. Elle espère ainsi « inciter la population active à tester des alternatives à la voiture particulière ».

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  • Création site internet DG Regio

    DG Regio

    L'Union Européenne a fait appel aux services d'ArtWhere pour la réalisation d'un jeu concours sur le réseau social Facebook. Votez pour le meilleur projet régional.

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Our customers satisfaction marks the success of our digital missions

référencement et création site web de Justine Henin (Olympic Champion and seven times winner of the Grand Chelem)

My collaboration with ArtWhere for my club’s website and for my organization was easy and efficient. ArtWhere immediately understood the frame of mind that I meant to give those internet sites and implemented in no time dynamic and simple tools to be managed by my teams. I also appreciated the reliability of the company’s commitments concerning our terms and demands. - Justine Henin (Olympic Champion and seven times winner of the Grand Chelem)

référencement et création site web de Laurence Bibot (Humorist)

My face on this picture has nothing to do with the content of this text. I certainly don’t regret working with Manu and his team. If I was a sportswoman for whom they designed a website, I would say that they are dynamic. If I was a politician, I would say they are committed. If I was a singer, I would say they are sweet … and if I was my mother, I would say that they are very friendly! But I am a comedian and I will say that they are serious! And it’s a very good quality. No kidding! Thank you ArtWhere. - Laurence Bibot (Humorist)


The expertise and ingenuity for engines

The success of a Web project depends a lot on the quality of conception and the experience of its designers.

For over 10 years, ArtWhere has been building experience while creating Web projects for a wide range of customers.

A strong dose of passion and ingenuity can add up to the expertise and reflects in each engaged mission.

But on top of all, at ArtWhere’s we like to take challenges. We innovate and research new products and concepts in order to constantly better existing Web solutions.

Help the world of the Web evolve in order to offer customers and users with a unique experience: that’s our goal!

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